Pinakates village alongside with Makrinitsa village and Visitsa village is ranked to category 1 of the most traditional of the 24 Pelion villages. It is situated in central Pelion in between the villages of Agios Georgios and Visitsa.

The distance of the village from Volos town is 25km, from Pagasitikos gulf is 9km and from the Aegean Sea is 14km.

It was named after the ”pinakia” which were traditional wooden scaphoid homeware, used either to store food or as plates, made by the first inhabitants.

It is a village with dense vegetation, it has an average altitude of 560m, with fine examples of local architecture that we meet in the majestic mansions, as well as in smaller picturesque folk houses.

Among the traditional, stone-built houses, cobblestoned paths, the tradiotional ”kalderimia’,’ lead the walkers throughout the village, to the forest or to the village churches and chapels.

In the village square which is one of the most beautiful throughout Pelion, you will find a 500 year old Platanos tree. There, one can find the big, neoclassical fount made of local white marble and built in 1894, which is unique in its kind.

The foliage of the tree ‘platanos” shades the entire square and it is an ideal spot to rest from your walk of the village and maybe enjoy a Greek coffee or local tsipouro drink. If you are hungry you will also find food served there as well as at the other two traditional tavernas of the village, Pileas and Drosia.

The serenity and beauty of the landscape, the small distance from the neighboring villages, Pagasitikos gulf and Aegean Sea, the short or long walks and trekking routes make the village an ideal vacation spot all year round.